Program 2013

of the SMI Workshop 2013:
Another Step to a Material Future!

All session will take place in the Seabreeze room of the Coogee Bay Hotel.

08:45-9:00 Opening and Welcome from the Organizers
Session Chair: Andrea Minuto
09:00-10:00 Oral Session 1: SMIs Methodologies for Prototyping
Session Chair: Andrea Minuto


Smart Material Interfaces as a Methodology for Interaction: A Survey of SMIs’ State of the Art and Development
Andrea Minuto, Anton Nijholt


Electronic Origami with the Color-Changing Function
Tatsuya Kaiho, Akira Wakita
10:00 Coffee Break
10:30-12:00 Oral Session 2: Future SMIs, In and Out Body Interfaces
Session Chair: Andrea Minuto


UISilk – Towards Interfacing the Body
Veronica Ranner


Using ForceForm, a Dynamically Deformable Interactive Surface, for Palpation Simulation in Medical Scenarios
Jessica Tsimeris, Duncan Stevenson, Tom Gedeon, Matt Adcock


An Interface Composed of a Collection of “Smart Hairs”
Masaru Ohkubo, Yoshiharu Ooide, Takuya Nojima
12:00 Closing
Andrea Minuto
12:10 Lunch (sponsored by National ICT Australia)

(timing and information can be subject to changes)

For more information about the ICMI program: click here.

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